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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MOBOPING communicate? MOBOPING communicates to android phones / tablets, they must have the follow functions on as the MOBOPING uses Bluetooth to communicate near mobile phones and tablets. Apple iOS users must have Google Chrome installed on there mobile and tablet devices. • Bluetooth service must be enabled – set to on • Location services must be enabled – set to on (data charges may apply) How and where do I set up my MOBOPING? • After your have received your MOBOPING/S device you will need to download your MOBOPING application from either Google Pay Store (android phone user) and if you are using a Apple iOS (Apple Phone user) please download your Application from the Apple iTunes Store MOBOPING will communicate with what items? • 7 out of 10 android phones (70%) • 1-30 Apple phones (3.33%) if client has Google Chrome Installed/Bluetooth and location active (very rare currently as most use Safari) How far can the other person receive my message from? • Up to 300 feet 100 yard. Our MOBOPINGS are pre- set to the 100% of the max limit to make sure your getting your messages across. • We can set them to a lower distance if you would like to conserve battery life and or lower your audience level. What can I have as a message? • No profanity/sexual content/illegal activity and phone numbers. • Your MOBOPING will be terminated if any of the above is active. • A maximum of 40 characters for your message. • Any secure URL What can I have as a URL? • The URL must be Secure (https://) • You can use URL shortener from google ( • Examples of Secure URL sites, you can connect to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, www. and anything with a https:// so if you have a site of your own that is just http:// please buy a SSL certificate and add it to your personal site. SSL Certificate can be brought from your domain name registrar or any website hosting provider and or simply by googling Buy SSL Certificate. You will need to install it on your website. Once it is installed and operational, your website will change from http:// to https:// in most cases your hosting company will install it for free if you bought it from them directly. Also in most cases you may also have it for free. It may have been a part of your web hosting package. How long will the battery last? • When using max power between 12-18 month (currently set) • Other wise with power set to 25-75 percent, it can last up to 24 months plus • They use 2round flat battery type called: 2 x 1.000mAh CR2477 Where is the on off button? • No on off button, this is controlled from your MOBOPING portal. Meaning the units are always transmitting the message once activated so long as you have a message and or URL to share. • No buttons to break, no moving part = 100% uptime, NO re-booting of the device needed. How long does it take for the message to be updated to the MOBOping once I set it from my portal? • Your message and URL are Immediate, no waiting around for some one to activate it. • You can change the messages as many times as you like. Environmental Requirements • Temperature -20°C / +60°C (-4°F / +140°F) • Humidity from 0% up to 95% How long will it take to get my MOBOPING? • We strive to ship out the products within a maximum of 24 hours after the order has been place, but it may take up to 7 business days to receive your MOBOPING. • Otherwise local clients can have the items the same day (as we have Franchise who have the MOBOPING/S in stock. What is the warranty of the MOBOPING? • The warranty is an over the counter replacement for 12-months. MOBOPING will offer you a free full replacement at no additional charge to you (shipping fees may be charged) – Your MOBOPING/S must have unquestionably NO physical damage on the device and or water impairment. Free after 5, what is this all about? • Refer 5 MOBOPING/S under your affiliate ID and your MOBOPING is now free, free from you having to pay the monthly service fees to your MOBOPING. • If you believe you can sell MOBOPING then we have a Fantastic profitable opportunity for you! • Open your MOBOPING Small business franchise and or a Master Business Franchise. • Both options are turn key opportunities, no office and or store front needed. • Contact for more information. Can I find out who has open or viewed my messages? • The truth? Is Not for the next few months. • What’s a few months? 3-6 months or sooner. • Our development team is working on this as you read these FAQ. How do I buy these MOBOPING/S? • Click above under Shop, find the right product package that interests you and your motivation level. • You will pay your first month and last month up front, you will pay a onetime activation fee of $25.00 and your shipping fees. • Afterwards it’s a recurring monthly subscription payment and you can cancel any time. How do I get a hold of someone from support if I have issues? • Please contact I’m interested in opening a franchise • That’s wonderful we are always interested in speaking with you, please email How do I review how many people have used my affiliate ID? • Simply log into your affiliate portal, you can review this link above under Affiliate, just login with your user name and pass word. What color are these MOBOPING devices? • Currently they are all black, they may change in color at any time. what is the quality of the MOBOPING? • We only use the BEST component’s, we are very organised and our team researched all our components to create a master piece that work! NO cheating out what so ever like other may have and or do. We have the BEST research and development team from around the world. We have capitalized to be the best brand available, with the best way to configure your MOBOPING. Don’t settle for anything less as MOBOPING INC. is the future proximity marketing. Why can’t I see my MOBOPING on my own personal mobile device? • Again, we are sorry but it will only work on 7 out of 10 android phones, you will still be able to create your message and secure URL, other will receive your message. • There are fixes that may work, try going into your setting- so Click the Setting tab, then click on the general tab above, then click on the google services tab, then click on Nearby tab, then click on the Gear Icon tab, Enable Nearby links available and Devices ready to set up. Then click the back-icon tab on the top left, then click on the refresh tab and see if the nearby pops up on the screen with your message and URL. If you are still having issues, please contact, please insure you tell us the make and model of your mobile device you are using. • Apple users, you will be able to set up your MOBOPING 100%, you may and or may not be able to see your message and secure URL on your mobile device but it will be set up in your MOBOPING App. Please rest assured that once your MOBOPING has been registered and your message and URL have been set in your App the android phones in your space 300 feet /100 yards will receive your message and secure URL.